I do have something to say

I was walking down the st, thinking about this template for our site, and I have to stay that I don’t like it. Why? Because it doesn’t have a link to the site admin and I have to type it into the URL and for some other reason that I now forget – oh no, i remember – because it doesn’t show the author in the post.

From what i understand, we can’t change a template so we might need to pick another template. am i correct? i tried to find where i could add the link in the template, but couldn’t find a way to edit the template.





7 responses to “I do have something to say

  1. Oh yeah, and there’s no RSS Feed link

  2. OK My Dashboard > Design > Theme you can change from there….that header is good though. RSS is a widget you can include

  3. so how do i change the theme but keep the header?

  4. Well the pic will need resizing into a space thats there for a header – so Kubrick has that ability to take a header but you would make a title in the image….just a design change to the graphic. Which theme do you like? This is the theme that Andrew Hinton’s Inkblurt uses….not that we should copy anybody of course. Why not choose and we can work something out?

  5. I took the pic currently in the header – the view from my office. If you’d like to keep it in another size, no probs at all, I’ll just recrop it. Or find another neat pic. Don’t let it keep you from choosing a theme that works best for your needs, though the widgets at right are helping. As to the author byline – I agree that’s problematic – it’d be nice to know.

  6. No need to change the header. i figured out the add ins for the wp blog so there’s no need to change the template.

  7. Love the header – makes me want to go to NY, nice….

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