Imagine my surprise

Last night I was at a small dinner party & the hostess (whom I’d met a couple times before) turns to me over the artisanal cheese and crackers and says, So Jim, I never asked you. What do you do for a living? Expecting the usual blank stare, I answered – I’m a user experience architect. And she lit up with a big smile – I know exactly what that is!

Turns out, in the 90s she ran an events programming company for web start ups. Became friends with budding gurus, several of whom joined together to create – you guessed it – Adaptive Path. In fact, she’d just interviewed for a job in HR with them. Does that mean you’d be hiring? I asked. She said, Yes… if she took the job. But it doesn’t look like she will. (Right now she travels all over the second world promoting an educational NGO.)

So I shared the Duff & Puff anecdote & she was delighted. Which led us to a series of anecdotes about misunderstood verbal cues. Which I’ll spare you.


6 responses to “Imagine my surprise

  1. So the Duff and Puff was just a drunk way of saying AP? Is that the story?

    It’s a small world, eh Jim?

  2. Yes, if you pronounce AP with an English accent – I guess there are many varieties, but they’re almost indistinguishable to me, especially if spoken across a table in a noisy restaurant.

  3. The story is on the about page now. Still not enough duffers and puffers out here. Man it only takes a minute….

  4. That’s true – where did all the duff & puff love go? Out of sight, out of mind? 🙂 I still laugh about duff & puff.

  5. coristankowicz

    Still getting back to reality here as I spent the last week road-tripping through Arizona…coming back down really is the hardest part! Will be posting more soon!

  6. stevetompkins

    I’m just lazy

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