In at last

Wow, this new WordPress is pretty sweet.

As my first post I feel it important to share this with you.

Cat in a frog hat

6 responses to “In at last

  1. Jim, you need to get on this fast, stocks wont last.

  2. stevetompkins

    Is this really the real Mike Laurie?

  3. Where is your avatar?? Steve?

  4. indeedy, hey, my avatar has gone too.

  5. For any given blog, it’s only a nanosecond before cats start appearing. In that feline frame of mind, I’ve changed my avatar. I don’t want James to be alarmed. (and it was a weird crop, someday I’ll post the original image).

    You Brits are probably finishing your day. I’m on my way into work.

  6. i have to say, those cats must be extremely patient. i don’t think mine would sit still for that long. ha ha.

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