Design Patterns

I know a few people have been impressed with the Yahoo! patterns library but my word, what about this one? None of the patterns are particularly new but it’s well documented. The chap’s web site could do with a bit of UX magic though.

On the subject here’s a couple more

Yahoo! Pattern Library

Web Patterns: A UC Berkeley Resource

I’m not sure if you’re aware (or even care?) but design patters originated in object-oriented programming, eXtreme programming even.

6 responses to “Design Patterns

  1. I must admit I have written about Yahoo a fair bit but these patterns are a bit special. Or specialised….what do you reckon?

  2. To be fair, the concept of a pattern language originated in architecture from the work of Christopher Alexander and his collaborators. His work and his challenges inspired the software-design pattern movement, which in turn stimulated this flowering of UI, interaction, IA, and information design pattern collections.

  3. Yeah, they are a bit Tufftian and relate only really to presenting information in charts and tables and stuff.

  4. Thanks Xian, you’re totally right (by about 17 years). Thanks for the correction.


  5. Suffian Rahman

    I think Konigi is a pretty good reference for design patterns and interfaces. I like the fact that it’s wrapped around a community, too.

  6. These are a great detour for me – I’m in the midst of re-designing a retirement plan site & I’m always looking for ways to present arrays of information to financial dummies like me. I’m going to dig around on some of these links; it’s been a while since I’ve looked at Yahoo’s patterns.

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