This blog is 5% Real

Are any of you “REAL” IA’s? Cause if you’re not…You shouldn’t be messing around with this stuff. Someone could go down the wrong path to get information. Which could result in the destruction of both time and space.

6 responses to “This blog is 5% Real

  1. sort out your avatar Steve, at the moment you are a geometric shape

  2. stevetompkins

    but that’s what I look like.

  3. thats better ! Now we need to get some others on the list on the side – Alejo, Katy, Louis, Jessica and your colleague….

  4. Steve’s right, what happens if you label something wrong? People will be tearing their hair out looking in all the wrong places. This is a dark and dangerous magic, leave it to the professionals please.

  5. If Steve labels something wrong, will that make me want to touch myself in the naughty place? I’m concerned about this, since I was taught not to do that. Steve needs to control his labels.

  6. stevetompkins

    My labels do tend to have that effect. Just be careful is all I ask.

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