Was working on a presentation at work and came across this tidy little compendium of ux quotes. A few words can paint a thousand pictures, eh?



Oh, and as an afterthought to this, my current favs are:

“The details are not the details. They make the design.”
—Charles Eames

“Making the simple complicated is commonplace; making the complicated simple, awesomely simple, that’s creativity.”
—Charles Mingus

Teresa.. to your earlier post: I am still a bit a-wonder about the big IA v little IA. I am definitely big-IA minded, but as soon as I get that initial idea on paper, step back, and take a look.. all that runs through my head is the tiny nuances of every interaction. Then again, I am a “UX team of one”.. so would be interesting to delegate.. so long as the team I delegate to understand the overall philosophy. Tough!

One response to “Quote-a-philia

  1. Yeah, you have to share your understanding with people, but for that “UX Team of one,” i understood that the point was that the design is created in a team of people so there doesn’t need to be a “passing of the torch.”

    What I do like is the nuances of how people interact with information. I’m not so much into the online or desktop application design and planning the interaction with data entry.

    So, it’s not necessarily big vs small IA… but more of information interaction and software interaction. A site like BBC or CNN is a much different interaction and has a different purpose than the interaction design of microsoft outlook or excel or a timesheet application.

    Interaction design implies more software design, whether that software is hosted or desktop or on a PDA. I don’t particularly like information architecture as a label because no one understands it (outside of us) and it doesn’t seem to imply rich information architecture. But I’m not going to go around saying “I’m Theresa, a rich information architect.”

    But honestly, it drives me batty when the programmers tell me that “This button is a cancel button and doesn’t do anything unless there’s something to cancel, but even if there’s nothing to cancel, it will still be available.” And it’s like “what world are you living in? are you making this product for yourself?” (Yes, this happened recently…)

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