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Miami pics

Hi all,

I went to the Adaptive Path UX Intensive last week that was held here in Minneapolis, and had a great time. We hosted a happy hour at space150, and it was fun getting to know people from the conference (another duff&puff happy hour, haha).

Of course, it wasn’t as fun as Miami with you guys! It did remind me, however, that I still haven’t put any pics up from the Miami Summit, so I’ve finally uploaded some of my pictures from the Duff & Puff night! Check out the pics here:

UX Intensive Week

Anyone heading to the UX Intensive Week sponsored by our friends Adaptive Path in a few weeks? It’s only a few blocks from where I work. Not as fun as traveling somewhere else for a conference, but I’m sure it will still be incredibly inspiring. 🙂 It would be great to catch up if anyone is going!

Right-justified profile pics?

Hey guys! I noticed James and Theresa have right-justified profile photos, is that a trend we should be taking up for the profile pics? 🙂 

Last week I presented with two other people I work with at something we call space3008 here at work, and for the presentation we decided to start a blog (feel free to read and comment, if you’d like). It was incredibly stressful! But, now that it’s over, hopefully I’ll have more time to post random thoughts on this blog.

Hope everyone is doing well, and that it’s warmer for everyone else. It’s been f-ing snowing here. It’s April. I want to move.