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Whatever you do…

…these days its recorded

Is that Jim being man-handled?

ZUI – perfect for iPhone (eventually)

Check out this post on Digital Design Blog,

There is a pretty cool site from White Void with Z-indexed elements using flash. I guess the iPhone doesn’t support this but what a great browsing experience if you could actually touch the elements. Seems tailor-made for touch screens this one…

Plastic IA

This is generating loads of discussion recently – any thoughts??


When we were indoors…

This was happening outside on the 14th April in downtown Miami….

article about why, how and where etc here….

From Fail blog

From Fail blog

A joke for IAs – how rare is that?

Miami Heat

So I get back from conference/holiday and I have to do a 1 hour presentation to all my colleagues about what I learnt this Friday. I actually wrote a rant about how introspective IA was becoming whilst getting sun burnt eye lids (the mrs laughed at my pink eye shadow for the next 3 days) but I’ll post that up later…(not the picture of my sun burn)

From the conference;

  • Jared Spool made me think alot about teams and ways of working
  • Yahoo Patterns will save the world
  • Context is king – more now than ever (Luke Wroblewoski showed the way)

I will post up the amateurish presentation from their insights when I’m done on Slideshare if you are interested.

If we want to use the plugins for WordPress which are excellent we will have to host it on a server, Mike I think thats what you do? Perhaps you can help here…

I will admin you all

In a kind of Jedi-like statement – its the only way we can get everybody to post easily etc….Just sign up and I will make sure it happens…J

Its a start

Miami downtownKicking things off…anybody feel inclined to redesign this header – and does anybody want to think about the widgets on the site? Preaching to the choir but can we categorize posts too….?

So many demands…..