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Digital Anxieties

I subscribed to too many RSS feeds, I want to keep up with every single one of them but I simply cannot read fast enough. My substandard monkey mind simply cannot keep up with my furious appetite for ‘stuff’. I had over 750 feeds that I’ve built up over about 3 years. I simply cannot absorb all of the wonderful bits of knowledge, opinion and information that people have made available for me to roll around in. So, a couple of weeks ago I tagged all of the ones I really love with ‘Can’t Miss’. And I was able to read all of them and totally feel up-to-date with the things I was interested in. So then, why have all of the other 600 feeds that I simply cannot keep on top of? So I deleted all of those and now I am at one with my feeds.

I have about 1,500 bookmarks (I have probably only re-visited 10% of them) but you never know when I might need them. I’m a total hoarder of information and is my way of outsourcing my memory for links. I am a link hoarder.

In this age of the attention economy, how are you managing your digital anxiety? Do you even have any kind of digital anxiety? How have you over-come them? Or do you have a real life?