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Miami pics

Hi all,

I went to the Adaptive Path UX Intensive last week that was held here in Minneapolis, and had a great time. We hosted a happy hour at space150, and it was fun getting to know people from the conference (another duff&puff happy hour, haha).

Of course, it wasn’t as fun as Miami with you guys! It did remind me, however, that I still haven’t put any pics up from the Miami Summit, so I’ve finally uploaded some of my pictures from the Duff & Puff night! Check out the pics here:

Whatever you do…

…these days its recorded

Is that Jim being man-handled?

When we were indoors…

This was happening outside on the 14th April in downtown Miami….

article about why, how and where etc here….

I have nothing to say

Theresa here, I have nothing to say.

Well, I suppose it was fun to meet you all and hang out and talk about Stone Crab claws.

Its a start

Miami downtownKicking things off…anybody feel inclined to redesign this header – and does anybody want to think about the widgets on the site? Preaching to the choir but can we categorize posts too….?

So many demands…..