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Smashing Mag : A Small Study on Big Blogs

Busy day at work, so don’t have time to get into it, but thought you might like this article from one of my fav publications ever.. Smashing mag. In a two part study, they do a great overview on the site elements of the fifty top blogs (US). This is second part, where they look at “the navigation design, information architecture, advertisements and functionality” – might be a cool quick read.


Was working on a presentation at work and came across this tidy little compendium of ux quotes. A few words can paint a thousand pictures, eh?


Oh, and as an afterthought to this, my current favs are:

“The details are not the details. They make the design.”
—Charles Eames

“Making the simple complicated is commonplace; making the complicated simple, awesomely simple, that’s creativity.”
—Charles Mingus

Teresa.. to your earlier post: I am still a bit a-wonder about the big IA v little IA. I am definitely big-IA minded, but as soon as I get that initial idea on paper, step back, and take a look.. all that runs through my head is the tiny nuances of every interaction. Then again, I am a “UX team of one”.. so would be interesting to delegate.. so long as the team I delegate to understand the overall philosophy. Tough!

Off On Our Jollies

The pooch is in the kennels, the house is cleaned and we’re off on our hols for 10 days.

Tata for now.


Plastic IA

This is generating loads of discussion recently – any thoughts??


Imagine my surprise

Last night I was at a small dinner party & the hostess (whom I’d met a couple times before) turns to me over the artisanal cheese and crackers and says, So Jim, I never asked you. What do you do for a living? Expecting the usual blank stare, I answered – I’m a user experience architect. And she lit up with a big smile – I know exactly what that is!

Turns out, in the 90s she ran an events programming company for web start ups. Became friends with budding gurus, several of whom joined together to create – you guessed it – Adaptive Path. In fact, she’d just interviewed for a job in HR with them. Does that mean you’d be hiring? I asked. She said, Yes… if she took the job. But it doesn’t look like she will. (Right now she travels all over the second world promoting an educational NGO.)

So I shared the Duff & Puff anecdote & she was delighted. Which led us to a series of anecdotes about misunderstood verbal cues. Which I’ll spare you.

A beautiful day in San Francisco…

And I spent most of it in my cubicle working on a 150+ page InDesign development deck. But that’s not why I’m writing. I’m actually just trying out the software before running out to dinner.


I added some widgets to the site: the admin with the RSS feed, tagosphere, categorosphere, people on the blog (who are authors, but you can change it to all if you want), search, recent posts.

I’ve really gotta upgrade my own site to the latest version of WP. It’s cool.