This blog is 5% Real

Are any of you “REAL” IA’s? Cause if you’re not…You shouldn’t be messing around with this stuff. Someone could go down the wrong path to get information. Which could result in the destruction of both time and space.

UX Intensive Week

Anyone heading to the UX Intensive Week sponsored by our friends Adaptive Path in a few weeks? It’s only a few blocks from where I work. Not as fun as traveling somewhere else for a conference, but I’m sure it will still be incredibly inspiring. 🙂 It would be great to catch up if anyone is going!

Whatever you do…

…these days its recorded

Is that Jim being man-handled?

Fun with Focus Groups

Off On Our Jollies

The pooch is in the kennels, the house is cleaned and we’re off on our hols for 10 days.

Tata for now.


ZUI – perfect for iPhone (eventually)

Check out this post on Digital Design Blog,

There is a pretty cool site from White Void with Z-indexed elements using flash. I guess the iPhone doesn’t support this but what a great browsing experience if you could actually touch the elements. Seems tailor-made for touch screens this one…

Who says conference shwag doesn’t come in handy?

From Theresa:

User Experience professionals are problem solves. Today I solved a problem.

The building I’m in is a “heritage building” meaning that you can’t make upgrades to it without city approval. The toilet is broken and breaks about 4 times a year because it’s a residential grade toilet, not commercial grade. Plus, parts for it aren’t being made anymore, so the handyman can’t fix it. Right now, the situation in one of the washrooms is that the handle on the toilet is broken but also the piece of plastic on the inside of the toilet that connects the handle to the thing that pulls up to empty the tank is broken. Plus the lid doesn’t fit properly so the water from the refiller thing sprays all over the toilet seat.

Today I took the name tag string thing – the thing that goes around your neck – off of my IA Summit badge, attached it to the thing inside the toilet that is broken, and draped it over the outside of the toilet tank. I propped the lid delicately on the tank so the water doesn’t spray so much. We’ll see how long it holds.

This is a clear example of taking something from the IA Summit and putting it to use.

Update: 12:27pm Pacific time:

We have to take pictures to further prop up our case as to why the toilet should be fixed and should take precedence over other problems.

We took pictures – can you find the conference shwag?

Update: 2:33 pacific time:

Holy crap there’s a duck in the toilet!